is a town in the City of Bradford Metropolitan Borough District, West Yorkshire, England, five miles north west of Bradford. It is split into two wards within the City of Bradford: Bingley (estimated population in 2001 was 15,925) and Bingley Rural (estimated population in 2001 was 16,649). Both wards were significantly expanded during the 2004 boundary change so previous population estimates were considerably smaller. The town nestles in Airedale on the south side of Ilkley Moor. Along the valley a Road, Canal and Railway line have been constructed. Among its attractions there is a famous piece of canal architecture: the Bingley Five Rise Locks.

The headquarters of Bradford & Bingley, the seventh largest bank in the United Kingdom are just between Bingley and nearby Keighley.

Bingley History

Bingley was probably founded in Saxon times; certainly its name is Saxon in origin, meaning “Bing's clearing”, though this would not be the original spelling or pronunciation of Bing. Bingley is thought to have been founded around a ford on the River Aire. This crossing gave access to the villages of Harden, Cullingworth and Wilsden on the south side of the river. As well as the ford on the river, the other feature likely to have influenced Bing's decision and to foster Bingley's growth is the constriction of the Aire valley at the upstream side of the Bingley settlement.

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